Bonding Contact

Universal bonding contact adhesive


Product Description

Bonding Contact Adhesive is an instant grab contact adhesive used for bonding the EPDM to upstands and brickwork etc. Approximate coverage: 5L: 9 – 10m². 2.5L: 4 – 5m². This adhesive provides a strong bond between the rubber roofing material and the surface. As a popular choice for an EPDM bonding solution, this high-quality adhesive will stay strong during every season. 

The durability of this adhesive makes it a great cost-effective solution for rubber roofing installation. It’s also easy to apply for any DIY installations or if you need to make a repair yourself. If you choose to install rubber roofing at your home, make sure you choose the correct adhesive and that it’s high quality to make your money go further.

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