Benefits of flat rubber roofing

What is flat roofing?

Perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t quite flat; it has a minor slope of ¼ to ½ an inch per foot, enabling the roof to drain water. However, snow and water can still accumulate on flat roofs.

Hence, the choice of material for a flat roof is crucial – and we particularly advocate rubber for its long-term durability. Why else should you choose rubber flat roofing?


Flat rubber roofing is quick to install

While built-up roofing (BUR) was once the most widespread form of flat roofing, it comprises many layers and materials – and, for this reason, is slow and labour-intensive to build. The roof joists, meanwhile, must be sufficiently strengthened to accommodate the roof assembly’s weight.

Such drawbacks explain why, for flat roofing installation, we specialise in EPDM roofing – as it is simpler and lighter in structure, making it relatively quick to put into place.


You wouldn’t need to reinforce the roof deck

Of course, this is a point to which we have already alluded. However, it bears emphasis – as, if you did need to reinforce this deck, the job would cost you money as well as time.

This means that, if you arrange for us to install EPDM flat roofing at your Yorkshire home or workplace, you can expect to benefit from a streamlined installation process – with savings made in both time and cost.


Leak-proof roofing

As long as there is no hidden surface damage to your EPDM flat roof, you never have to worry about leakages or water damage. The chance of damage occurring is pretty slim, however, as fully adhered EPDM roofs are unlikely to tear. They are also impact-resistant, making them highly resilient even as large-scale flat roofs.


Easy repair rubber flat roofing

As we’ve mentioned, EPDM rubber’s strength as a roofing material makes it unlikely that you’ll have to carry out any repairs. This quality is a big factor behind why, once your property’s rubber roofing is installed, it could be a while before it incurs any damage that would need repairing.

If you do need to repair your roof, we can deliver the necessary EPDM flat roofing supplies to your UK address.


Flat rubber roofing can save you money on your heating bills

This is quite simply because EPDM flat roofing is effective at helping to retain heat that would otherwise escape the property and so force you to crank up the thermostat.

As our rubber roofing experts are based in Bradford, we can easily travel to implement this kind of flat roofing at a Yorkshire property. We invite you to phone 01274 317091 or email [email protected] to discuss our flat rubber roofing installation services with us.


EPDM Rubber Roofing Experts

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