How to maintain your EPDM rubber roof

EPDM rubber roofing has much to its credit, including high durability – meaning that, even many years after the roof was installed, you should find that maintaining it poses a relatively small challenge.

This type of rubber roofing has various performance benefits – including resilience to extreme weather conditions, ozone and heat. This roofing also shows strong puncture and impact resistance; however, when it does need maintenance, you must be careful not to accidentally worsen the issue.


Maintaining your roof

Pay attention to this EPDM roofing as winter approaches

While EPDM roofing is classed as “flat roofing”, the roofing for which this term is used isn’t strictly flat. Instead, it has a very slight slope of ¼ to ½ inch per square foot.

This is so that the roof remains ready to drain water – but snow and water can still end up resting on a flat roof for quite a while. Hence, your roof could need more attention than usual come winter.


Clear your roof of accumulated debris

An awful lot can end up on your roof – think the likes of leaves, pests, litter and moss. Worse, if you leave this debris untouched, rainy or snowy weather can turn it into mulch – which, in turn, could enter your gutters and, there, threaten your rubber roofing’s protective coating.

So, if your roof is strewn with debris, you should use a long-handled brush or garden hose to remove it.


Remove blockages from your home’s guttering

If any blockages do form in this guttering, it could be hampered in its ability to drain rain or snowmelt effectively. If you see any twigs, leaves, moss or old birds’ nests in your guttering, you could run your hose over these remains to dislodge them.


Don’t use asphalt-based products for repair work

For any repairs you will undertake on your roof, it’s vital that you source suitable EPDM roofing supplies – especially as the EPDM roofing membrane is not compatible with asphalt-based products.

Those products include any kind of roof cement flashing and any asphalt-based roof coating, such as aluminium roof coating. Using asphalt-based products with EPDM rubber membrane will contaminate it, essentially forcing you to repair the roof again – except more extensively this time.


How to discern when you might need a new roof

While EPDM rubber flat roofing is resistant to many things, it isn’t indestructible. For example, while the plasticiser-free composition of EPDM helps to keep it flexible and pliable, and the material can elongate to accommodate structural movement, you should still take the roof’s age into account.

You should start thinking about replacing an EPDM roof if it has been in place for 50 years or more, research suggests. We can install new EPDM rubber flat roofing at Yorkshire homes and businesses.


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