How To Prepare Your EPDM Rubber Roof For Winter

If you have an EPDM rubber roof installed anywhere on your garage, extension or elsewhere, you will know what a cost-effective and durable investment it has been. But because flat roofing isn’t pitched, it may need a little more attention during winter to maintain its watertight effectiveness and prevent sagging and mould. Here are 3 tips from our rubber roofing experts to help do just that.

How to prepare your EPDM rubber roof for winter

1. Clear your roof of debris

The first step is to ensure there’s no buildup of debris on your flat roofing, such as an accumulation of leaves, litter, pests and moss. If there is, remove it with a long-handled brush or garden hose. The longer the debris is left, the quicker it will turn into mulch during rain and snow which can cause deposits to enter your gutters, and cause damp to become trapped. This is harder to clean at a later date, but it’s also a threat to the protective coating of your rubber roofing and could cause mould to grow.

2. Make sure drainage is clear and working

Checking that the guttering on your flat roofing is free of blockages is vital to ensure rain or snowmelt can drain effectively. Ensure there are no twigs, leaves, moss or old birds nests. If water can’t drain, it will become standing water that can cause cracks and leaks either due to waterlogging or by expanding when it freezes. Carry out a visual check and then run your hose over areas you can’t reach to remove remains and ensure the water is draining freely.

3. Check for cracks and leaks

Once any debris has been removed, you need to inspect your EPDM rubber roofing for any signs of damage that may have been caused over the seasons. This could be cracks, indentations or bubbles. You should also check the caulking where the roofing meets the wall to ensure there are no cracks or gaps here. Any fissures could be an entryway for water into your home and should be attended to. Small cracks can be remedied with a patch kit, but larger issues may need a professional to ensure your rubber flat roofing stays in top condition.

Preparing your EPDM roofing installation for winter is the best way to maximise all the benefits it has to offer, and retain the value from your investment. At Alvadac, our EPDM rubber roofs are installed as ‘fit and forget’ systems, and therefore, minimal maintenance should be required. If you think you need major repairs or would like to enquire about installing EPDM flat roofing Yorkshire-wide – in areas including Bradford, Harrogate and Huddersfield – or to invest in a new flat roofwe encourage you to get in touch with Alvadac, flat roofing suppliers, today.


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