What Is Roof Flashing?

If you’ve come across the term roof flashing and are wondering what it means, you’re in the right place. In this quick guide, we’ve outlined all you need to know about roof flashings.

What is roof flashing?

Anywhere where a roof plane meets a vertical surface, roofing professionals install a thin material known as roof flashing to divert water away from vulnerable areas of the roof.

A roof flashing is present on everything that rises through, or connects to, your roof to maintain a watertight roof. Metal roofs, apex roofs, flat roofs and various other roof types alike have flashing – it’s among the most crucial of roofing materials.

Is it necessary to have flashing on a roof?

You need flashing to protect your building against water intrusion. Direct water will enter your home through parts of your roof (like the chimney, for example) without flashing. Water damage is devastating – but roof ridge cover flashings can help to prevent it.

What is the best flashing for a roof?

There are several types of roof flashing available for a range of roofing applications and flat roofing projects. Most roof flashing materials are made from metals such as industrial-grade aluminium mesh, uncoated aluminium, and soft copper, as well as rubber.

Resistant butyl rubber and black rubber are great flashing choices for durability and protection. Copper flashing and flashing made of Aluminium SDA100B – 50 – 170mm 0-45 are popular options. Grey silicone and mesh with silicone sheeting are also wise choices.

Some other types of flashings include Nordic Ridge flashings, flashing ridges, and corner barge flashings, which battle against water penetration in the sharp corners of your roof.

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